Motion lighting feature request

The motion lighting app is excellent and one feature i particularly enjoy is the integration of being able to combine the switch on of lights with motion and a contact sensor as below:
However, one drawback is if someone briefly opens the door and this action isn't caught by the motion sensor, the light will stay on forever unless I use another rule to deal with this.
Could we have a feature to allow the lights to switch off X minutes after last motion AND contact sensor closed? @bravenel :slight_smile:


There is an option under Options for ... Lights Off and Off .. that allows a contact sensor closing to cause the lights to turn off. Won't that do the trick?

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 11.50.19 AM

Dose the motion sensor state override the contact close and turn off

Sorry i think it's my fault for not being clear. Scenario: lights come on when someone opens the door or motion is detected in the room. Great.

However, if someone opens and closes the door but does not physically enter the room the lights remain on because the X minute timeout never happens.

Conversely I'd not want the lights to switch off whenever the door closes because the lights will switch off as soon as I close the door behind me as I enter!

What I hoping for is some like:

if ( X minutes Garage Motion inactive) AND (Garage Door Closed X minutes) then
Turn off lights

In effect here the contact sensor here is treated equally as the trigger for switching off the lights.

Isn't the a setting additional sensors to keep lights on, if you put the motion sensor in there as well, when closing the door if the sensor has you it shouldn't turn the lights off when the door closes

I have a question along the same lines.

  1. I have a motion sensor, which if showing motion active, will turn on a dimmer.
  2. Under the "Options for Additional Sensors" section, I have exactly the same motion sensor ("Test Aqara Motion Sensor").
    Does this mean that as long as the motion sensor detects motion, the light will stay on?

You can do that but all motion sensors have a blind time between detections. You will be standing in darkness whilst until this elapses.
I can very easily work around this in Webcore but the motion lighting app is so good, it negates the need for dozens of additonal rules if it had this feature.

It depends on which setting is prim, additional sensors to keep on or sensor to switch off, sounds like trial and error

Edit its event driven so only when the door closes is it evaluated, so blind time shouldn't matter

Sorry I can't understand your logic here.
EVENT: door opens
lights on
EVENT: motion detected
lights on (already on)
EVENT: door closes behind me
lights off

I now stand in a dark room...

EVENT: motion detected again
lights on

There is a little app in our public repo that converts a contact sensor into virtual motion sensor:

Using that, you would get exactly the effect that you described, treating the contact sensor as if it's a motion sensor.


And in regards to my question.
Which is :
If I put the original motion sensor under "Options for additional motion sensors", will it still remain on if there is motion detected?

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The debate is , sensor to keep lights on, does that over rule the, contact sensor turn off.
But without testing we don't know

Thought I'd give the driver try. I have the Raw code but it not compiling.

I'm lacking the skills to resolve.

Paste it into "Apps Code" instead of "Drivers Code."

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It does indeed but surely it'll be much cleaner to have the option switch off the lights after X minutes when there's no activity from both contact and motion sensors? As I said I can easily recreate a set of pistons in webcore, but the built in app is just a tiny piece away from perfect. :sweat_smile:

i use event enginge for this...


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Thanks, I need to read better😁

I agree that this would be a great feature.

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