Motion Lighting - "Don't Turn Off if Already On" being ignored by optional contacts

In my Motion Lighting "rule" below, I make use of the Optional sensors for lights on/off - specifically 3 contact sensors. As can be seen, I also have the Don't Turn Lights Off if Already On option selected.

If I turn the lights On before Motion is Activated, then the lights will not be turned off upon Motion becoming Inactive - works as designed.

However, if the Optional Contacts invoke the rule upon Open it is correctly reported in the Logs that the Lights are already on. If however the Contacts close, then the Don't Turn Off if Already On is ignored, and they turn off immediately.

Surely the "optional sensors" should align with the Don't Turn Off option?

Here's a screenshot of the ML "rule":

And another of the Logs:

To add to my earlier post:
Regardless of whether Motion is triggered before Contacts, or vice versa, anytime Contacts are triggered the Lights will be turned off upon Contacts closing - ignoring the Don't Turn Off selection . . .

Not necessarily true. These are ancillary means of turning on or off the lights. This app isn't "Motion and Contact Lighting", it is Motion Lighting. So the contact sensors are ancillary and not intended to follow the same options as the motion sensors. For every use case like yours where you expect x, there is another user who expects not x. So then we'd get yet more options for how to interpret what each option means.

Suppose you had an option set for "Switches to turn off lights". Would you expect that not to work with the "Don't turn off if already on" option?

You probably need a Rule to define how you want the contact sensors to work, if your use case isn't directly supported by Motion Lighting.

Two thoughts:

The Contacts do trigger the "Do not turn on if already on" option, but fail on the "Don't turn off" option. So this "ancillary" sensor recognizes one setting but not the other? Weird . . . .

Please refer to my 2nd post: In the use case where Motion is triggered first, followed by a Contact open, then that Contact sensor again will ignore the Don't turn off setting upon Close, even though Motion is still Active (before reset). So the ancillary device is overriding the Master (Motion) . . ..

That's the intent.

There is no such option.

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