Motion lighting doesn't support zero second fade time



I am attempting to create a Motion Lighting app that immediately turns a Zigbee dimmer on. When I set the fade time under "Select a fade time for the lights", the app will save & store values greater than 1, but will not save the value of 0 needed for instant turn on. As a result, path lighting doesn't work very well since there is a delay while the dimmer fades on.

Ps: I validated that the Zigbee Dimmer (Leviton Vizia RF) works with instant on (zero second fade time) by setting it directly from the device control page.

Any thoughts? Thanks!


how do you mean doesn't work very well?

(If you just want to turn it on/off use "Turn on Switch" instead of "set these dimmers")


In the options for the dimmer just use set dimmer to whatever you want.
10, 20 50 100%.
Don't use the face option.
This way when the rule is triggered it will turn on to the level you have specified.


@broberg -- sorry, to be clearer what I mean is:

For the Leviton Zigbee In-Wall Dimmer (DL6HD-1BZ), if I send a "set level" via the device page with a blank "Duration", it fades in over 1-2 seconds. If I "set level" with a duration of 0 explicitly, the light comes on instantaneously.

That relates to this bug in Motion Lighting. When you save a 0 second fade time, it doesn't actually send a 0 second duration with the Set Level command. As a result, the light slowly fades on instead of turning on instantaneously. That greatly impairs a path lighting use case since the light operates fairly slowly as you're walking through an area.

Requested fix: the motion lighting app saves a zero second Fade time and sends that along with the set level dimmer command.

Tagging @bravenel too since I believe this is a relatively straightforward bug in Motion Lighting.


I will look into this. I can imagine the cause...

Update: found and fixed. Will be in next release.


Amazing — Hubitat just keeps getting better. Thank you!