Motion lighting -> doesn't change hue; just toggles on/off

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Off topic:
first of all: Hello to all you hubbitarians. My Name is Nico from Germany. I am a new Hubitat user and am switching over from simple lighting/motion automations wiht Hue to expand the possiabilitys of my automations. Temperature/heating control is next to come. I am familliar to coding on a very basic level (arduino, c). Beeing a non native speaker please excuse spelling mistakes.

On topic:
to get comfortable with the hubitat i wanted to start out simple and create a motion lighting app.
I used a Osram lightify LED strip an a aquara motion sensor and a door sensor.

Using simple automation the door sensor tuns on the strip and sets it to hue 0=red / sat 100 / level 10. Closing the sensor turns the light off. This rule works fine so far. EDIT: the rule has the same problem. When triggered it uses the hue that the strip was set to last, not the hue in the automation. Triggering the automation when the strip is turned on works fine though. Hue, sat and level are set.

Using simple motion lighting the motion sensor turns the light on and sets it to hue 33 / sat 20 / level 100. Delay off is at 0 minutes. This rule does not work. The motion triggers the light on, but only level is set. hue and saturation are kept from the last status.
This is my rule:

Here is the log:

As you can see the hue 33 / sat 20 is not accepted by the light.

If i my there would be two additional questions:

  • somtimes the motion sensor only reports the brightness when triggered, not the motion. Could this be because of the dropped messages of the aquara sensors?
  • When i set up the motion lighting rule to set the light to 400°K white the mode of the strip is not set to CT from RGB. Am i dooing/expecting something wrong here?

I hope you guys can help me out getting started,
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Do you have color prestaging enabled in the driver? I don't do custom colors with mine, generally just CT changes with mode, but I always have color prestaging enabled and it always works as expected with my Sylvania bulbs.

Thanks for the fast answer, I tried both settings, but neither worked. Activating the prestaging led to the door sensor automation not turning on the light, just off when already on.

And i have to correct myself: the simple automation for the door sensor has the same problem. It turns the light on using the last hue it (the strip) was set to, not the setting in the automation. triggering the automation when the light is turned on works fine though.

I also deleted and re-discovered everything which didn`t help

Are you using the Generic Zigbee RGBW driver? If so, you could try sending a switch on command first in the ML rule.

Hi Ken,

yes, i am. Can you point me in the right direction where to ad the command i.e. where i can find the sourche code of the app rule?

In Motion Lighting, under Devices to Turn On, try adding the lights to Dimmers to turn on, or Dimmers per Mode. You can also try adding them to switches to turn on and see if one gives better results than the other. Leave whatever color settings you already have alone.

Wasn't it the Osram that had issues with getting simultaneous commands? They just ignore the second command if I recall the conversation correctly? And in particular the Euro Osram were the ones that had the problems that the North American ones don't?

@Nicok You might have to do some odd stuff to get this to work properly if it is the bulb ignoring the second command for hue. It might involve a second rule to change the color after the motion rule happens.

Replying to myself instead of editing:

I think it was one of these threads that discussed the issue. There might be another. I thought there was one that discussed that there needed to be a new driver with delays to help this issue.

Hey Ken,

thanks again for your answer. Wouldn't adding the RGBW light as a switch or dimmer inhibit me from changing the color temperatur or the color (is that what you ment by "leaving the color setting alone")?
If so, that is not the perfect solution. I want the lights to change color depending on modes (Bathroom lighting) and triggers (water sensor alert / Mail in the box/ motion lighting).

If you ment adding the dimming command AND the color/color temerature command: I just tried that and it somwhat worked. I tried to turn on as dimmer (5%) and set to 6500°K at 100%. But now my second test automation isn't even switching the strip on:

I also tried the Generic ZigBee RGBW Light (tamed) driver. Didn't work either.

Hey neonturbo,

thanks a lot. This could be it. I am going through the threads. Sadly the tamed generic driver didn't work for me. But I am still reading.
The strip does accept the hue command, whe it is already turned on. Would that behavior be coherent with the "does not accept simultaneous commands" problem? Tinkering with the drivers would be a little early for me, but could be the right move in the long run. When trying to figure out the problem I learned about the problem with ZigBee lights as repeaters. I am thinking about keeping my Hue bridge and running the lights over it exclustvely....if it wouldn't be for myproblems with the lightify garden poles in Hue (what triggered me to get the hubitat).

Did you try hitting "configure" in the driver? I'm assuming yes. One more thing to try:
Set up a couple scenes with the device in the "Groups and Scenes" app. Then in the ML app, use "scenes per mode" or something like that and see if that works. If it does, you will probably need to add the light strip under other switches to turn off when off (or something like that).

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