Motion lighting does not always turn off

My app for my kitchen lights is not always tuning off, am I doing something wrong, it was noticed this morning when my daughter came down about 3 am and the kitchen lights were still on after we went to bed about 11pm.

the log for this is as shown below

It looks to me that the kitchen switch did not turn off, am I reading this correctly


You probably need to also look at the Events for the Kitchen switch device. Open the Device page on HE, locate the Kitchen switch device and open it up. At the top of the page displayed click the Events button. Look at the timing of the on / off events compared to what you expect. Posting a screenshot may help, if you are still stuck....

Hi there thanks for reply I looked in the Kitchen switch events and looks as if switch did not get switched off after 23:51

does this mean I probably have a problem with my mesh, as have checked batteries and they are OK

What about Events for the Kitchen Sensor? Based on your rule that will be driving updates to the switch. Unless there are other automations the kitchen switch is involved in....?

The kitchen switch is only used in the one rule, could see nothing in the kitchen sensor events as it did not go that far back, but below is a copy of the log for that time, but not sure what it means.

You are probably best to look at the Events, accessing from the device page for the Kitchen Sensor. You will only see an entry in the log screen you showed if the device or associated app is configured to log something, which is not always the case.

unfortunately it is not configured to do that

Not sure what you mean.... It is not recording events...??? If not, which I'd be surprised if that were true.... What driver is it using....?

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From the logs you posted, it looks like your Kitchen sensor did not report a motion inactive event at 23:51. That's why the lights didn't go off.

It did report a motion inactive event at 03:18, and after a minute the lights turned off.

This indicates that there is nothing wrong with the Motion Lighting app. The issue is that either:

  1. The Kitchen Motion sensor is getting "stuck" on motion active.
  2. There's a weakness in your mesh such that the motion inactive event was lost.

Possibly a nightly reboot?

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Yes, if there was a change in motion sensor state while the hub was rebooting.

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I have it set to only record 10 events if that is what you mean see below

other than that my settings are

I have had this happen on some of my other lighting rules, but it is a very rare event, the nightly reboot sounds a good starting solution, can this be set up to run auto

This is more likely to be an issue with your zigbee/z-wave mesh. And a reboot will not fix that. Events are missed when a battery powered sensor can't communicate with the coordinator/controller. It will attempt retransmits a few times and then give up.


My suggestion would only be valid of the issue was a one off or rare occurrence.... If it is happening more regularly, then @aaiyar is more likely on the right track.

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When I had this happening on my hallway lighting rule it used to happen about 2 to 3 times a month, it was quite dangerous as the lights would not come on in a 3 storey house, and it only happened with one person. It has not happened since I put another motion sensor next to the original in the same rule. Perhaps I should try this on this rule as well. I do have a couple of spare sensors.

Separate to your issue... the labels / descriptions on the preferences section of the Device page don't fill me with confidence.... without having used the device myself....

The preferences were set as default, I have not tried changing them as yet but I will try some changes on a test rule setup I have so as not to muddle my present lights

Was more a comment on the types of preferences that exist, rather than your selections....


Just saw that. Agreed.


Why not use a built-in driver for your Sonoff motion sensor?


I did try a couple of other drivers including the Marcus driver but found the sonoff generic zigbe driver the most reliable, will try putting a spare motion sensor alongside original one and include in rule to start with

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