Motion Lighting disobeying settings - ignoring Lux

I'm loving Hubitat, having come from ST, but I'm having some issues with Motion Lighting.
I've got one set up like this:

and it switches them on fine, and they go off on the timer OK, but in the morning as the sun comes up, they ought to switch off as the lux goes up.
Here are the events for the "Belvedere Sensor":

It's now 9am, and the lux is 2211, and the lights are still on....
I'll switch logging for the app on now, but is this a known issue. or have I done something dumb?

I am not able to reproduce any problem with this. Turn on logging for the rule, that will usually show what is going on.

yup - you're right of course. I'm not entirely sure what I was doing wrong but the logging is excellent, and helped me see what was going on - thanks!

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