Motion Lighting disable and enable

I'm trying to do is set up a Motion Lighting rule so that I can either turn on a switch or press a button to prevent my lights from turning off. Then I would like to be able to re-enable the turning off with a switch or button.

With motion lighting, there is the option "Switch to disable off" and "Buttons to disable off".
Do I understand correctly that with these options, my lights will remain on if I turn on the switch or press the button, so that that when motion stops, my lights will continue to remain on?

So if I have disabled the motion lighting via a switch or button, is there an option for a switch to re-enable the turning off? I see the option for "Button to enable turning on/off", but I don't see a similar option for a switch.

There is no such option for a switch because it disables when the switch turns on, and re enables when it's off. So you can use just one switch to enable and disable.
With buttons you have that because buttons can't stay on or off.

Yes, this is correct.

It's implicit, but if you reverse the switch that disables turning off, then turning off becomes enabled. The state of that switch is tested each time the app wants to turn off the lights.

Can the switch that disables off, be the same switch that is controlled by the motion lighting app?

That would not work, and wouldn't really make sense.

If the physical smart switch you are using supports double taps or long presses, it can, but you need to create a virtual switch that is actually the one that functions as an override. You then configure the physical switch in whatever button controller you use so that double tap or long press turns the virtual switch on or off.

I do this in my house, although I generally use Pico Remotes rather than smart switches. I have a '[Room Name] Override' virtual switch set up in each room, which is the switch that disables motion control for the room. This switch can be toggled on or off with a long press of the round 'favorite scene' button in the middle of the pico remote. I also use the 'Auto_Off' app to automatically turn off each override after 2 hours so that normal motion control resumes.

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i do the same thing with rule machine, but 2 of the rules would be the same and you can either use rule machine or motion lighting.. I tried first with resume/pause the rule but kept getting errors for the resume when the rule was not paused so now use the method you mention like this.

This lets you use the same light switch that the motion lighting is controlling to also enable/disable the motion rule to keep the light on when you for instance are in the room for the long haul.


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I selected a Pico remote to disable and enable on/off (essentially disabling and enabling the motion lighting rule). I was able to disable the rule (so that the lights stayed on after motion went inactive) easily by , but I couldn't get the Pico to enable the rule (so that lights would once again turn off after motion stopped).

After spending a ton of time trying to figure out why I could not re-enable my rule with my Pico, I discovered that the bottom button of my two button Pico is button 4, instead of button 2. So with this two button (on/off) Pico, the top bottom is 1 as you would expect, and the bottom button is 4 (and not 2 as I thought). Not exactly intuitive numbering for two button device!

So if you are using a Pico, be aware of the correct numbering for the buttons.


Hi guys, I've read this thread excited that it would help me resolve my issue, but it feels like my problem is more fundamental. I'm hoping I'm missing something really simple... Can any of you spot what I am doing wrong...?