Motion Lighting Delay Off No Longer Working

After upgrade to 2.2.8 my motion lighting apps no longer work.

It appears there are several things happening. When the rule triggers from motion it has a delay turn off of 2 minutes, but the lights are NOT turning off when they should.

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 8.46.47 AM

it is 8:50 and the light is still on.

If I manually turn the light off it may or may not recognize the change of state and the next motion fails because "light is already on".

I have tried modifying the apps and hitting done - doesn't help.

Reboot also didn't help.

Created new child app - also doesn't work.

There have been no changes to Motion Lighting in 2.2.8 except with respect to how Color Temperature bulbs are set. I'm not seeing this problem in about 20 Motion Lighting instances that I have.

Please show the Motion Lighting rule that is failing... Another thing that would be helpful is to open the App Status page during the 2 minute delay, and post the Scheduled Jobs from then bottom of that page.

Hey Bruce, thanks for the quick reply.

I found several issues going on and didn't have time to t/s everything. I reverted to 2.2.7 and restored a backup from 14th. Not 100% positive issue was from 2.2.8, had some wonkiness that started on 14th where some things didn't work all the time.

Besides the motion lights not working as expected, I also found a Zone Motion device stuck in Active. I tried changing out the motion detectors and manually causing active, but it would not go back to inactive and I had to recreate it - which sucks because it was in use by several other apps.

After the rollback things appear working okay. Will probably try 2.2.8 again next week.

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