Motion Lighting Delay Off logic question

So I have a motion lighting app I'm trying to get working the way I want but am having trouble.
I've got a motion sensor outside the bedroom, the dog needs a 'last visit to the great outdoors', so I've set a series of lights to light the trail to the door based on the motion sensor active. That works and triggers the scene just fine.
I've got a delay off of 7min... if it takes longer than that we need a vet... but we have to go back infront of the motion sensor (before the 7 minutes so far), so I don't know if that resets the delay off timer or just buggers the whole thing, but the lights remain on.
If I trigger the motion sensor only the first time, delay off works fine.
Any suggestions? .

No ideas out there?
Convert to RM... again.... sigh.

Anytime the motion sensor goes back to "active" it will reset the delay off timer.

My "plan"... such as it is, thoughts welcome:
Adjust motion sensor's "Motion Clear Delay" to 7min.
Create a RM to turn on scene on activation.
Create another RM to turn off scene delayed 7min15sec after activation...
Until I want to use the motion sensor for something else that seems like it'd do what I want, no?

  • Found the delayed action option which looks like it'll do the off as part of the on... so only one RM!!