Motion Lighting Configuration.... is this possible?

I took a major hit to the WAF today when my experiment went bad.

I thought "wouldn't it be nice if the lights on the main level of the house came on automatically based on motion and turn off when we left the room." The ... uh... challenge in that the SO came down early in the morning, the lights came on to their set dim level, the SO thought that they were too bright, adjusted them, and BAM -- motion sense set them right back.

So... I guess I'd like to do two things:

One -- can I make it so that, if off, the lights will come on at a set level, but changes to the lights won't get immediately wiped out. Ideally these would last until the lights time out (after 30 minutes)?

Two -- can I have a Pico button which "locks" the lights. I'm thinking that setting arm-away unlocks them.


Have you gone through this documentation?

These settings should accomplish what you want.

Enable override with dimmer level change (defaults is enabled)

Disable this option if you don't want to prevent a motion inactive from turning the lights off , and stop additional motion active events from changing the dimmer level if you manually adjust it. Keep this option enabled if you want to be able to manually set lights low or bright, without the motion lighting settings overriding your manual dimmer setting when motion is detected.

Override for level only (default is automation suspend)

If this option is enabled, motion active events will not change your manual dimmer level settings, but when no motion is detected, the lights will still turn off when your specified time has elapsed.

Don't turn off if already on

Enabling this option will force any light that was already on before motion began, to not turn off when the motion stops.

Buttons to disable off

Select a button that will override any off automations and keep your motion lights on, even if motion stops.

Switch to disable off

Select a switch that will override any off automations and keep your motion lights on, even if motion stops.

Awesome! Thanks. I think that my big issue was that I was actually using simple lighting and not motion lighting! I'll rebuild the scenario with Motion Lighting!

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