Motion Lighting color temperature change based on mode

Hello everyone I’m new to Hubitat and I was hoping someone could help me out with an issue I’m having with my motion lighting app.

So I have some hue ambience bulbs and a motion sensor in my kitchen.
-What I’m trying to achieve is depending on what mode Hubitat is in, I would like the bulbs to come on at different levels and color temperatures. Seems simple enough right?

So what I have so far is
-Different scenes for each mode
-A motion lighting app that turns these scenes on per mode.

What I’m having an issue with is that when motion is detected, the lights come on, then change color temperature, then go to the correct levels.
So for example with my late night scene the bulbs are set to come on at 10% in a very warm color temperature. But what actually happens is they come on bright, change temperature then fade to 10% which Is very jarring to walk into for a late night snack.
Is there a way to preset just the color temperatures per mode that way all the app does is turn on to the correct level?
I’m also open to other suggestions if someone has an easier/better way of achieving this.

Thanks in advance for the help!

I'm not sure because I don't use this feature and I don't have hue bulbs...But I think the pre level and pre color staging options on the device page would fix this.

If you are using the built in motion lighting app, when you select the "Set color temperature per mode for these bulbs" you should be able to pick which modes, what temperature you want, and what level you want them at. This should result in sending a command with all of that data versus turning them on, then changing temp, then changing brightness. I hope this fixes your issue.

Alternatively, you could make a scene per mode for how you want you lights to be, say for instance you want some of them brighter or a different temperature, then just activate scenes per mode in the motion lighting app.