Motion Lighting Between to Times


I have the following rule setup but for some reason the light comes on all day even though its set to only be between sunset and 11:30pm. Any advice?


I will investigate this. I'm not finding a failure with this.


Do you need any more info happy to provide logs if need be


Look at the device page for Outside Front and see if it's in use by any other app. And yes, if you have logs demonstrating a failure I'd like to see them. The logs from the Motion Lighting instance in particular.

I just took one of my ML rules, and added the time restriction just like yours. It does not turn on now, as it's not between sunset and 11:30PM.


Here you go

EDIT: Changed logs to screenshots as requested :slight_smile:


OK, very strange. Can you show me a screenshot of the app status page?

BTW, when showing logs, screenshots are much better than copy/paste...


Where would I find the app status page (sorry only been on hubitat a week)


I'm going to assume you mean the settings so here they are


Is your timezone set correctly? Look at Settings / Location. Hit Update on that, and then reboot your hub. See if that corrects the problem.

It's as if a time comparison is failing, and it's not the code that's failing. So, maybe its the time in the hub.


Timezone is on PST as my other lighting and my HSM sets correctly based on the timezones


Is there anyway I can give you access into the system?