Motion lighting app

Can we have the motion lighting app back and developed please?
The new app is just horrible!
Thank you

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Let's try and resolve your issues with Room Lighting first, before blaming the Room Lighting for issues you have experienced on other topics. Other users have been able to eventually move onto using Room Lighting over the last few months successfully. The transition may have been a little rocky, but ultimately users are happy (I think) with the change.


little rocky :smiley: it cost me because my kids bloody dont turn of the bloody lights.

With all the best intentions, or even comical consequences, the implications of a topic such as this, alongside others we are discussing, can provide a different perspective than intended.... So let's keep it light,,,, and positive... Just my 2c...

Posting multiple topics also doesn't help...

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it was working before. but with the introduction of 2.3.4. firmware it stopped.

Let's pick one topic for this conversation, perhaps your "original" topic we were discussing this on...


lipstick on a pig... I miss MMLA too.

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Next release.