Motion Lighting App Still Turning Lights Off Even if Turned On By Another Device

I have a few rooms using the motion lighting app. In the settings of the app I have it set to not turn off if turned on by another device such as Alexa or Google.So if I tell Alexa for example, to turn on the light, once I go in the room and motion is detected it will turn off after 1 minute of no motion. Does anybody know why this is happening? Thanks

Exactly which option is it that you're trying? Is it "Don't turn off if already on?"

That's correct. I have it set to "Don't Turn Off if Already On"

What kind of light is it? Is Google/Alexa controlling it directly? It's possible that Hubitat doesn't know that the light is on. Can you check the status in Hubitat to see if the light is registered as on immediately?

They are Hue Bulbs. It happens with both Google or Alexa. It also shuts off even when using a Smartthings Button paired to Hubitat. I'll check the status in Hubitat when I get home from work later.

If your Hue bulbs are paired to a Hue hub, instead of directly with your Hubitat, then I'm pretty sure that when Hue bulbs are toggled by something other than Hubitat, then Hubitat won't know about it immediately. It has to poll the Hue hub regularly to check the state of Hue devices.

The status does turn to on immediately or pretty close anyways. The bulbs are paired to the Hue Hub. However even when I turn it on with a button that's paired to Hubitat it still turns off once a motion sensor is triggered that is paired to Hubitat after the set amount of time.

That does seem strange, then. Have you tried deleting and creating the app rule again? I must admit, I don't currently have any Motion Lighting apps that use that feature, but I'm pretty sure I've used it before.

I'll try deleting them and recreating them. Thanks for your help.