Motion Lighting App - Request for Scene on motion stop

Would it be possible to add the capability to set a Scene when the motion stops?

I use it to set a scene on motion, but would love to have my 'empty' scene set when motion stopped. Right now I'm using Rule Machine, but would love the speed of the Motion Lighting App.

Thanks in advance!

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This is a good suggestion. Will look into it.


This feature will be added in the next release.

There is a small issue to be aware of: Motion Lighting doesn't usually turn lights on from motion if they are already on. This new Scene for off feature can trip over that if the Scene activated leaves the controlled lights on. So, there is also a new option added for the next release called "Do turn on if already on". So if the Scene activated leaves the controlled lights on, this option has to be selected, otherwise ML would not turn them on the next time there is motion. This option is mutually exclusive with the option "Don't turn on if turned off manually". If you happen to need both options, you're out of luck for now.


Awesome, thanks! I'll keep that issue in mind too, appreciate you pointing it out.

+1 on this feature. I’ve been trying to get this to work... A movement sensor triggers a scene (to raise light bulb levels on bulbs already on), and then when movement is ended (after a delay) another scene is run (which to lower light levels back down).

I’ve gone through the Motion Lighting app docs and have been trying to use the options. However I can either only get the behaviour where either (a) “off” settings are ignored because so the lights stay on bright or (b) the “off” scene is run using the bottom menu option, but then the lights are immediately turned off after the desired scene change. I can’t seem to get it to active the “off” scene change without the “off” itself.

Any tips? Or should I just go to Rule Machine?

It has that option:

I'll look into this. Sounds like a bug. It's supposed to just activate the off scene, not turn off the lights.

I can say that it looks like the code implements this feature. I'll test it.

Update: This works for me. When the ML instance turns off, the off Scene is activated, and the lights do not turn off. The way it works in the code is an either or. If a Scene is selected, it does that; if not, it turns the lights off. It never does both.

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This is weird. I tried it again. See settings picture. Is there some difference in the code due to I’m using the modal settings. I only want this behaviour in Night mode. Just tested it again. The correct scene activates when motion occurs, but after the timer delay the lights are turned off not to the “Night Quiet” scene.
Edit: platform v If that helps

Turn on logging for the app.

Ah, I think I may know what the problem is. I didn't look at turning on a Scene. I'll check something...

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So... here’s the log. It does activate the “off” scene. But then it turns the scene “off” straight afterwards. Is turning a scene off a thing on Hubitat??? I didn’t think that was possible (Recent ST convert).
P.s. really appreciate your help bravenel !!!

Yeah, that's a bug in Motion Lighting wrt to the Off Scene. I've put in a fix.

You could go into the Scene and select Ignore Activate Off, and that should fix it. ML is sending an off to the Scene activation device.

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Ahah - glad to help improve the codebase! When you say go into “the scene” which one do you mean? The scene that activates when motion is detected (Night Walk in my example, or the scene that activates when motion stops (Night Quiet in my example)? Or both?

The one that is activated on motion, that's the one that is turning off later.

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That works THANK YOU!!! I looked at the log again, it still says it is turning the activation scene off, but I guess that option switch blocks it doing anything...

Correct. And the next release will fix the cause, so it won't even attempt to turn off the Scene if you have an off scene.

Is "Motion and Mode Lighting Apps" working correctly after the latest update? I had a rule to turn on my bathroom light and Fan when motion is detected and it worked correctly before the update now it doesnt work.

It doesn't matter what I do the rule now doesn't turn on/off the switch. First was telling me that "Not turning off: lights not on" even when the witch and Fan are on, I assure of that and still is telling me the same. like I mentioned rule was working perfectly before the update and now no matter what changes I do the rule doesn't work anymore. Does anyone know what happen or if this is being checked by Hubitat people?