Motion Lighting and Scenes Not Turning Off

I have a motion lighting rule / app setup to trigger scenes per mode in my study. This part works fine but when I try to introduce the option to turn off the group (not the scene) using a button through button controller app, when motion is triggered again the motion lighting app says not triggering because lights are already on. Can someone please help?


What lights are you using? Are they paired directly to Hubitat or through a 3rd party bridge? If they are paired to a 3rd party bridge what integration are you using?

They are Hue lights now paired directly to my new C-7, i.e. I am a little new to managing my lighting rules in HE.

Since my original post I have moved to setting up rules in RM, though would prefer to be working in the built-in Motion and Mode Lighting app. My suspicion, based on the behaviour I outlined plus some of the attributes and state data kept in the app, is that the rule keeps a state of whether it is "on", and the ability to turn this "off" is a little limited in my use case.


So, I just did some testing and it looks like this behavior only presents itself when trying to trigger the motion activation while the delay from the previous activation is still going.

For example:

  • Motion starts, Scene activated
  • Motion stops, Delay started
  • Button turns off Group
  • Motion starts, does nothing
  • Previous delay ends
  • Motion works again

To get the motion activation to work again faster, you would have to set a shorter delay period. If you want to keep a longer delay period, then I think RM or WebCoRE will work better for you.

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That was my situation, I want to use any manual controls like Hue dimmers or simply adjusting the lighting through a dashboard, etc, to put a room into a manually operated state until those manual controls turn the lights off and return the room to a motion-driven set of rules. I think through some of other settings I chose I also was putting the motion lighting rule into a perpetual state of being "on".

Either way, I have moved on to using RM, making use of the new Beta option for cloning rules, which is working really well.

Thanks for taking the time to do some testing and reporting your results @Derakkon, much appreciated.


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