Motion Lighting and Cloud End Point

I installed the HomeSeer floodlight motion sensor/lamp controller. The motion sensing abilities of this device are poor compared to the standard motion sensor I had before. To assist in sensing motion I'll use the motion alerts in BlueIris, it works rather well.
Is there any way to assign a cloud end point a slot in the row of "motion sensors" in the Motion Lighting App? Or must I use Rule Machine? I ask only because Rule Machine has a bit of a steeper learning curve IMO to set conditions.

Not directly, but you could create a virtual motion sensor and add that sensor to Motion Lighting. Then, you could create a very simple rule triggered by a cloud (or local if you can) endpoint with a single simple (but maybe not so simple for your first rule) action to set that sensor to "active" based on that. If you can get "inactive" events this way too, you could create a separate rule for that, or you can use the virtual sensors built-in "auto off" capability to just reset it to inactive after a certain number of seconds.

I'd be happy to share more if needed! But basically, this would let you keep using Motion Lighting while offloading just the work of this sensor to one or two simple rules.

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Perfect, that's exactly what I was hoping for. I'll dig into it over the weekend when I have some time. Thank you!