Motion light by time and lux

could motion lighting app be update to do lighting levels by time window (or mode if to hard).
I know it can be done with RM but I'm guessing an app is more efficient and already have restrictions etc set up

It can already do modes:


Check the "Use settings per mode?" option. Do that before you start configuring other settings, otherwise you lose the option; similarly, once you configure it, you can't un-do the selection (which is why it's unchecked in my screenshot above; that's the only what I could demonstrate where it is).

I assume this is what you're looking for. RM can certainly also set level per mode, but I agree that it would be overkill for most situations.

Yea but really wanted by time as dont need a mode for every time of day and would want different options per room eg livingroom 7-8 at 100% but bedroom it would only be 8-6.30 at 100%

Guess I could create a motion lighting rule for each time window for each room but that could be an awful lot

Yeah, if you don't want to use modes, a time restriction on each ML app (or Simple Automation Rules or whatever app you want to use)--or a similar way to restrict, e.g., by switch (or whatever the app you're using might support), with one app per desired time range--is the only way I can think of. If I had to guess, I'd say most people use modes for this since pretty much any app includes some ability to restrict or modify its actions based on mode.

Yea either 1 like this

Or 3 motion app childs x per rooms