Motion Light App: turn light on always but after 11pm Dim to 30%

Try to use motion lighting app to always turn the lights on but after 11pm din to 30% then after 5am go back to 100%.
Kinda done messing with the RM, just simply not getting it.
On a side note, anyone make RM rules for pay?

Most people here will make an RM rule for free if you say what you want the rule to do. :slight_smile: Motion Lighting can turn lights off with inactivity, but I don't believe there's way to get it to go to a specific level instead of turning off. But I'm not clear if that's what you're looking to do. Do you want it to always turn off but just turn on to 30% with motion after 11 PM and before 5 AM and to 100% any other time? If so, you shouldn't need RM for that--ML can handle it like this, with the "Use settings per mode" option (not pictured here, as it gets set and then disappears to reveal a modified UI) if you have a specific mode active at that those times:

If you aren't already using modes, this would be a good place to start. If you are and don't want to modify them for this use, you can just use two Motion Lighting or even Simple Automation Rules automations to work together and get what you want. I'd recommend the latter since it's a bit simpler to set up, but the "Turn on only between two times" option in Motion Lighting could do something similar. In SAR, you'd just use a restriction for time on both. Something like:

SAR automation 1:

SAR automation 2:


Yup. Ain’t that the truth. People here are awesome.

I have not been using modes yet. Just another thing I need to read about.

Of course mode manager is not easy either is it.
I'm seriously beginning to think hubitat is not for me.
And I always thought I was a techy guy, as well as everyone else that has met me.

Lots of things on Hubitat can be challenging at first. It usually gets easier after a couple weeks using it.

Where are you getting stuck?

I have several lights setup with the Motion Lighting app using the Mode Lighting option such as:

Then in my other rules I just turn on or off that light and it comes on at the correct brightness.

Do you need a separate motion lighting app for each group you want to have the modes updated? Or can you put many different bulbs in the rule and then call them out separately in a motion lighting app? (For instance, I have and upstairs hallway and a downstairs hallway. I want them both to be certain levels based on the modes. BUT, I want them independently turned on and off by different motions sensors. Can I set all the levels in one mode rule, and then trigger them in a separate rule(s)?)

Each mode only allows me to put in one time.
So is it night mode begins at 11 pm then day mode begins at 5am?
How many different modes can we have. Confused on how to setup a mode

Never tried that. To do what I'm doing I setup mode lighting rules for each light that way I could fine tune each light if needed. Then you could group those lights into a group and turn on and off the group and these rules should still work.

I actually tried it. Does not allow individual control of lights in the group. If I turn on ANY light in the mode group, ALL lights in the group turn on.

Also, if you do not want lights turning on at every mode change, turn off the adjust levels when mode changes flag in the options.

You can also set Earlier of or Later of two times. I believe you can have as many modes as you want. I have 7. You just have to create them in Settings -> Locations and modes in the modes tab.

Once you add new modes, you may want to manually pick a mode to sort of kick off the flow. I noticed mine did not change after adding new modes until I picked one from the Settings -> location and modes and clicked update.

Below is how I have mine set up:

I guess that's why I keep getting confused. To me a mode would be 11pm to 5am.
Not 11pm +30-20 if away, and/or kids are gone, yada, yada, yada.
It seems like they make it so much harder than it needs to be.

So, I think you are making it more complicated than it needs to be.

A mode is just a setting based on a trigger (time frame or condition-based on presence, or switch, or whatever you choose to kick it off). That mode will be up to you based on what conditions you want.

So, for me, I want a different lighting level early in the morning, one for during the bright day light, one for early evening, and one for late day. I also added a vacation and yard work mode for differing Safety Monitor notifications. In vacation mode, I do not want any of the timed modes kicking off to turn off my safety monitor. In Yard work mode, I sometimes get out of range of the house. So, I do not want alerts going out that my doors are left open, etc if I would otherwise get marked away.

So, the normal routing is at 4:30 AM, I set the early morning mode to keep low lighting in the halls and not wake anyone up.

Then, at 6 AM or 30 minutes after sunset (whichever comes later), I make the mode Home (equivalent to day).

Then, at 8PM or 15 minutes before sunset, I go into early evening for lower lights (easier on the eyes at night)

Lastly, at midnight, I switch to ultra low lighting in the halls using night mode.

Away is based on presence and ignores all the timing modes. When everyone leaves, away mode is kicked off and the safety monitor starts notifying me of intrusions.

Vacation and yard work are set by switches when I also want to ignore for differing reasons.

It sounds like you only want day and night and maybe away. And that is fine if it works for you and simple to implement. It only has to be as complicated as you want it to be.

That said, if you want to use modes for controlling lighting, then you have to have a mode for that control. It's all give and take.

Okay, so if I'm using time.
I would do:
Night Mode:11pm
Day Mode:5am

Yes. If that is the times you want the modes to change, that is how you would do it.

You can make modes whatever you want. By the way, before you start setting modes, you may want to create, remove, or rename them. That is found in the Settings tab, in the "Location and Modes" button.

I have five modes:

  • Day and Home
  • Day and Away
  • Night and Home
  • Night and Away
  • Sleep

I change modes depending upon presence, and by sunrise/sunset. But you can make these whatever you want. Or just use the stock predefined modes. These are just what I find work for me. It doesn't have to be complicated, but it can be if you desire.

Two people here with different work hours, and two dogs who trigger motion sensors gave me the framework to have these modes. This way the humans have to be home to make the lights turn on and automations run and so on. And sleep mode mutes any music players, along with very dim lighting and not turning on certain lights automatically.

Please don't give up. I, as you felt like I was a tech guy until I purchased HE. But after much trial and error, mostly error I have made all the rules I need for my situation and feel better about myself. It can be frustrating at first but gets a lot easier to understand. I am sure you will soon become an expert.

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