Motion Disabled by Switch Continues Even After Mode change


I have a motion app (Hue motion sensor and Lutron switches) that is disabled during night and away mode. I have "don't turn on if turned off manually selected" and also "clear this on next mode change." It does disable the motion but the motion doesn't start working again when the mode changes. The logs say "disabled by switch". Any thoughts?


It sounds like you have a switch selected under “Switch to disable turning on”. Could you post your Motion Lighting rule?
BTW, I have found “Switch to disable turning on (or off)” the most reliable way to handle this. I use the switch in Homekit for voice enabling or disabling Motion Lighting rules. You can also create a separate rule in Rule Machine to turn it back on/off after a certain amount of time.

Thanks Ken. I switched over to controlling it from Room Lights and it works fine now.

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