Motion App Not Always Reliable

I have Lutron Switches and a Hue Motion sensor running the Motion and Mode Lighting App. It works the majority of the time, but occassionally nothing happens. I checked the events under the motion sensor and it shows that it did detect motion. I have enabled logging for the Motion App, but when I look under events there is no activity. The switches work fine through the Hubitat dashboard. Any thoughts?

Look at Logs page, not Events. This is true for both device and app.


Thanks. Didn’t realize the logs were kept in another area than the app itself. The reason it was not coming on was “Don’t turn back on after manually turned off”. I have “clear on next mode change”. But the lights were turned off digitally by the lack of motion.

infoLights off, will not be turned on due to 'Don't turn on if turned off manually'

dev:1002022-08-12 07:25:29.741 am infoMain Kitchen Island Chandelier was turned off [digital]

dev:812022-08-12 07:25:29.734 am

You've only shown the device logs. You need to show the app logs. And please use a screenshot instead of copy/paste, so it's readable.

Physical vs digital is not the issue with “Don’t turn back on after manually turned off”. That option is not “Don’t turn back on after physically turned off”. All that matters is that something other than the app turned them off (effectively behind the app's back). Often this option is used so that you can disable motion activation of the lights by turning them off at the switch. But you could also turn them off from the device page or another app. You might look at the In Use By section at the bottom of the device page, to see if other apps might be involved.