Motion and Mode Lighting Apps feature request

Not sure the best way to ask for a feature. I would like it so that you can restrict a rule from running based on presence. Maybe run something if only I'm home, or don't run something if no one is home. That sort of thing.

Isn't that what modes do?

For example, if you are in Away mode, and you have that selected as a restriction in Motion Lighting, it should prevent the lights from working.

Did you set up modes using Mode Manager?

Yes and I had issues with it switching to away mode and never switching back. It'd randomly happen intermittently and there was no rhyme or reason to it. Search the forum and you'll see others having similar issues. So now, using the combined presence app, I have a virtual presence sensor that I can use to tell if anyone is present or not and switched all my rules to rely on that instead of modes.

So use Rule Machine to change modes like I do. I use a combination of presence and time of day to determine modes.

There is a very recent thread about "how do you use modes", and there were some helpful suggestions in there. I posted my Rule Machine rule in there also.

I have found that the "mode manager" that's built in to Hubitat also very confusing and difficult to use.
In my use case, I have simple switches to indicate changing of the mode.
As a result, I found cobra's Modes Plus app to be just the ticket - easy to use, simple to deploy.
(I know that it's easy to do in RM, I just didn't want to do it that way).

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Use this virtual presence sensor driver which doubles as a switch and set the motion lighting app to disable turning on/off when switch is on /off