Motion and Mode Lighting App - inconsistency

I have a rule created with the Motion and Mode app, where there are 2 motion sensors that turn on three lights together. This has worked fine for several months, but as of late, one of the lights will not shut off. It's not always the same light either. It's like it missed the shutoff command. Any ideas how I can resolve this?

as long as the devices respond consistently from their device page, then I'd suggest the built in groups and scenes app. I turn on 14 Sylvania RGBW cans with it, and they almost always respond. Also experiment with some options in the groups and scenes app

thanks, I'll look into that.

Try turning metering on/off, not sure what it does but can be an advantage or disadvantage, IIRC.

and the delay seemed to help me, at 75 ms.

I have different option than you, but I noticed that I had "enable on/off optimzation" enabled. I am going to turn that off and see if it makes a difference.

I realized that my groups were created a while ago (2.0), I recreated as 2.1 groups and set the delay to 75ms. Fingers crossed.

With the optimization now disabled I am still seeing issues, so hoping the delay works.

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