Motion and contact switch rule

I want to use a motion sensor to notify me if there is motion in a specified room after I close the door. I have a motion sensor and a door contact sensor. The motion sensor faces the door and triggers active as I shut the door. The current rule sends notification when the motion sensor is active and the door contact is closed. The issue I have is that since the motion sensor is active during the door closure and the contact is closed when the door is shut, the rule immediately triggers. How can I set up a delay so that this initial trigger does NOT happen.

Use a Wait for Event. Like this:

Trigger Event:
   Door closed
   Wait for event: motion active

What happens is that this rule doesn't even run until the door is closed. Then, if there is motion later it will notify you. If the motion is already active at the moment the door is closed, it will not notify you -- only upon the next activation of motion.

Thanks very much!

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