Most Successful WAF/HAF/PAF Idea

+1 to the robot vacuum, I don't mind it running while I'm there, but my wife hates it. I have it setup to run when she's not at home, and to stop when she is almost home.

3~ years ago Alexa was initially the thing that transformed her from "this is annoying" to getting annoyed when she had to physically turn on a light.

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I got some of these to make Wifey work harder for the switch...


Thanks but different standards here in Sweden, so won't fit.

Automating lights so the experience is "seemless" Aka you don't realize things are on and turning on. The lighting just is wherever you go.

Garage doors closing after x min, locks locking. A verbal way to go to bed and run the "goodnight" routine is a hit.

The best though...and I am admitting haven't figured out a way to port this over yet. Is that she is a teacher and leaves sometime between 3 and 5pm. But different every day. We live where it's COLD. So if it's cold outside and the house is below a certain just turns the furnace up...and here's the best part. Sends her a little "I love you so I programmed the house to turn the heat up for you on your way home" text. That was a winner for sure!

So hubitat...please please please give me a way to geo-locate based on defined locations!!! :wink:

If you want to subscribe to the premium service, Life 360 integrated with Hubitat can do this for you today.

I do this now using Life 360, but you need to use IFTTT with it. IFTTT can turn on and off virtual switches in Hubitat when someone in your family gets to or leaves a landmark saved in Life360 other than your home.

I do have premium and I do have locations there too! I also see that information is being passed into HE but as far as I knew couldn't be used in I'm all for it! I already searched here can someone point me to a thread?

So is this the only way currently?

Back when I setup my rules for this, using Life360 with IFTTT was the only way to do this. I am sure the feature could be added to the Life360 Hubitat integration, but wasn't last time I looked.

Well...I'm going to eat my words. I was thinking that you would have separate virtual switches for presence at each location but I'm not sure that's possible. So.....nevermind :grimacing:

Kind of. I have a virtual switch called VirWifeAtWork. When she arrives to work IFTTT turns on the virtual switch. When she leaves IFTTT turns it off. I have SONOS TTS announcements that tell me she made it to work safely, triggered by the virtual switch turning on. I have another TTS when she leaves the office triggered by the switch turning off.


HaHa, when I read this my brain went right to Early Warning: "Mom's on her way, pickup and start your homework."


Yup, I do this :joy:

Reliability and invisibility seem to be what’s working in our house.
Having things happen for a reason and not just because they could be automated.
One of the most appreciated tweaks was swapping out the static fixed cameras within the house for PTZ cameras. Now whenever ANYONE of us triggers Home Mode, the cameras turn their backs to us.

I got my wife a Fibaro "Button" and created events to "Disable/Enable Events" when she wants them disabled.

@jeubanks Does it actually do something or do you just tell her it disables/enables? :smiley: (joking.)

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@csteele, it actually does something but you just gave me a good idea for a practical joke this year! :wink:

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Yup, pretty much!

So I know I have been successful usually when there is a problem with the system. About 2 months ago we had a power outage at the right time where light automations were off because HE was rebooting. I was FaceTiming the wifey and asked her why she was talking to me in the dark and not just go over to light switch and turn on lights. Her response was “we can still do that?”

It was a funny moment and then HE finally finished booting and the lights started working. Her next response “well looks like I don’t need to go across the room anymore.” :laughing: