Most successful thermostat for Hubitat

I was just wondering what thermostat users have had the most success with. I recently installed a new heat pump here in Florida and really want one which will allow schedule control from Hubitat. I want to be able to specify the desired temperature in a schedule and have the system automatically heat or cool as required to maintain the desired setpoint. It would be really nice to be able to override the setting from the thermostat as well when desired.

What kind of heat pump? Single-stage, two-stage, or variable speed.

If it is two-stage, I do not recommend either the Honeywell T6 zwave or the Zen. This is because staging is controlled in these as cycles per hour (cph), rather than by temperature differential, as it is in higher end Honeywell, ecobee thermostats, and many others.

If it is variable speed heat pump, you are probably best off with a proprietary manufacturer-specific communicating thermostat.

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I appreciate your insights. The heat pump is a high efficiency Bosch (variable speed) and the installer included the BCC100 Bosch thermostat. The thermostat is wifi connected and if you look at the ratings on the Apple Store you see the application is rated for a 2 out of 5 possible. One of the most valuable reviews simply said it was "great when it worked". I believe it backs up everything to a cloud service which is not something I desire. It has already given us issues when wifi is lost for any reason. So far, the interface is not something I would be proud of as a programmer and the application recommended for my tablet wouldn't let me complete the registration process. I don't have that issue figured out yet. If I get a wifi interface working I may try and perform enough packet analysis to create my own driver for it inside of Hubitat. My wife hates the complication of simply setting a mode and the temperature. So far, it doesn't work properly running in a purely auto mode with a schedule. Yesterday the installer had us turn off the power to everything and simply set it for strictly manual mode (heat or cool) and then set a temperature. This defeats anything in "smart" for my purposes.

That variable-speed heat pump might be compatible with a conventional thermostat.

Can you post a photo of the wiring at the thermostat and furnace?


I have two Bosch variable speed heat pumps that were installed this year. The installer provided Honeywell WiFi thermostats, which worked well. However, I wanted to control the systems through HE, and before receiving the HE controller I ordered two Ecobee (WiFi) thermostats.

The Ecobees work well, and I'm happy with HE integration. In retrospect, I probably should have purchased Zigbee thermostats.

When the internet goes down the Ecobees continue to function correctly, but will not accept settings from HE (even though my local network is still running). A minor issue for me.

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I have a conventional steam boiler, which is basically on or off. I have had excellent luck with ecobee. As @acampbel says it is a cloud integration but the ecobee still runs just fine if it loses its cloud connection. You just can't control it via HE. Other than that drawback the integration has been flawless. I use Ecobee's modes for control but I do use HE to tell it the house is empty and to set away mode sooner than the ecobee would figure it out on its own.

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