Most Popular Smart Bulb elevated by Hubitat in 2021

A "Year in Review " series continues with Most Popular Bulbs that work with Hubitat Elevation. Please vote for your favorite device.

If your favorite device is not on the list, then select "Other" and drop a comment below, to share which device is your favorite.

  • LIFX Color 1100 Lumen BR30 E26 (Integration)
  • LIFX Color, A19 1100 lumens (Integration)
  • Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 (Zigbee/Integration)
  • Sengled Smart Light Bulbs (Zigbee)
  • Sylvania Smart+ (Zigbee)
  • NanoLeaf Canvas Light Panels (Integration)
  • Other (comment below)

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*for a complete list of compatible locks, check out the "List of Compatible Devices ". Our engineers have tested 90 different models (see "Bulb" under "Device Type" column).

I never thought I'd say it but I definitely like the Lifx bulbs better than the sengled. (Not that I'm going to throw out my sengleds, just they'll be relegated to less important areas)



The only smart bulbs I have are my sengled bulbs. I just really like the simplicity. On/Off/Dim. No repeating etc that messes with your mesh. They work and have never failed me.


One of the nice things about the Lifx bulbs. All the benefits of lightning fast local wifi with no cloud... and a hub and spoke config instead of mesh. Honestly, I like them more than my sengled. My sengled's re getting relegated to some basement storage areas.

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Sengled's are great for their price. 1st thing is that they aren't repeaters and are able to behave well when someone turns off a switch and responds like a normal bulb when the switch is turned off and on. I no longer install them in switch controlled areas anymore mostly background and task lighting through light fixtures that just plug into a outlet. A plus is that Amazon seems to "dump" quite a few on Woot every once and a while. Just have to be careful that you don't get the non-Zigbee ones.


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