More color light effects please

Along the same lines as the above:


Perhaps this is a language barrier?


Apps. see, category apps

I think people are wanting to know some more details about the apps you are referring to when you say the recent changes are relatively modest. Is there a built-in HE app that you are referring to and if so, are you requesting changes in that app? And what changes did you have in mind?


Even this response doesn’t actually mean anything.

I apologize in advance if this comes off as rude, but is English your first language? I am just trying to understand why it’s so difficult to understand what you are trying to communicate in several threads you have created recently.


I am more confused now than before.

Which app are you talking about?

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Changes? There are no changes. There are a very few color light effect app. We need more.

What specific effects are you looking for?

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there are two apps i know. The hue outdoor and the lighting effects app these two only do color loops basically. I wouldn't mind some more complex effects algorithms similar to huedynamic for eg...

You should get a Hue bridge and Hue bulbs for that. Because HueDynamic doesn't work well even with other zigbee bulbs (like Gledoptos) paired to a Hue bridge.

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ok i give up.

We can't tell what you are actually talking about. You are not giving answers that make sense.

If you are referring to the Lighting Effects app by Bptworld, he is no longer making changes to that app. That is what code freeze means. [Code Freeze] - Lighting Effects

If you or someone else wanted to, you could edit that code and add whatever you wanted to.

And @bptworld just integrated support for some lighting effects into his cool app Event Engine.


It sounds like OP would like Hubitat staff to add more built-in apps to the platform that do something similar to the app called Huedynamic, which is presumably specific to the Philips Hue platform (I’m not familiar with it myself, I have no Hue bulbs).

I have moved this post to the feature request category.

Because I guess that’s what the purpose of this thread is. It’s still very hard to tell. @zsolt.toth.39 please consider using something like Google Translate to continue the discussion. Or communicate in your native language and perhaps other native speakers are here and can assist.

Or maybe there’s not much else to discuss on this topic?


I'm sorry - I didn't explain my point clearly. HueDynamic works well with Hue bulbs paired to a Hue bridge. It doesn't work well with non-Hue bulbs (like Gledoptos) paired to the same bridge. So, HueDynamic makes use of properties specific to Hue bulbs.

Because of that, it would be impossible for any Hubitat developer to create something like HueDynamic to work well with ALL the different brands of RGBW bulbs that work with Hubitat.

Does that make better sense?

I am not questioning the desirability of something like HueDynamic, just pointing out that it works well with a single brand of bulb.


I think leaving the request open to peoples imagination is the point. There is no specific request as such, just a desire to see more options with lighting effects, allowing people to use their own flair as to what may be possible.


If that's the case, then say it. He's made this same statement in at least three separate threads in the last 10 days, but never elaborates or outlines clearly what he's looking fir. Usually just 3 or 4 more overly vague statements, then he just goes quiet for a few days and starts it over again. I think he's really looking for a point and click platform with a slick interface and little to no real ability required on the part of the end user to get what they want out of it.


He has mentioned those before in another post. I actually think he may be somehow connected to that company, as the grammar style of their website is very similar to his own in this community.


This is not a comment just about the most recent post, or one person in particular.... Just me choosing this thread as an example of a very minor gripe I have had. I don't want to promote further discussion about it, so I'd prefer you PM me if you want to discuss it further, without wanting to demand that be the case. And apologies to the OP for choosing to express my opinions on what is meant to be a request for an improvement to the platform.

Personally I don't feel comfortable with people commenting on other forum members on the public threads to the extent that it has here and in others I have read. Fair enough to ask questions or offer some friendly advice, but to continue beyond an initial question or comment feels a little unfair, in my opinion. People can always send private messages to each other to discuss how best to approach a request or get the most out of the forum, but I don't feel like lengthy repetition of these comments helps anyone. I'm not saying that doesn't happen, obviously I am not going to see private messages, I'm just saying I think it is the more appropriate way to go about those issues.

I'm not saying all personal comments should be made privately, nor that I would follow my own advice all the time. I am certain discussion of some of these topics can inform plenty of new people to the Community.



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