Monospaced clock tile

Continuing the discussion from [RELEASE] smartly - the hubitat dashboard skin engine:

To not scr*w with your thread anymore, let's take it here. The "solution" I presented a few seconds before @spelcheck's answer is hacky and awful, I wouldn't want to use it or even call it a solution. If we need to talk about it some more, let's do it here.. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah man it's a gray area, the dark arts of CSS hacks. For the sake of the brainstorm it's fun to talk about it though :slight_smile:

My mistake was I never actually tried using monospaced font, I just complained about it not being monospaced. I think that's my unconscious designer resisting the thought of seeing monospaced in smartly haha.

This taught me something though.. that I shouldn't say something isn't possible without actually testing the 'preferences' that I am bitching about.

For anyone reading this later on, the question was whether or not we could prevent the clock tile from showing seconds without using JS. And it's possible, thought extremely hacky, by using CSS.

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 7.15.38 AM

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I'm the one who said it wasn't possible to begin with... Then I thought better of it when I saw @anon62731458 comment... It is possible, just ugly and hacky...

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I appreciate that we can all play off of each other when presented technical challenges. @anon62731458 props for brainstorming and keeping the ideas coming. :v:

I figured out a different way to display a clock without seconds...