Monoprice Zone Controller Wrapper


I just published this gem called Zoney ( that will control the monoprice 6 zone amplifier. I'd love to get something like this controllable through hubitat. There was a ST app for it, but it wasn't really working for me. I also have a REST json api that I have in development and would be happy to work with anyone to get this going.

Let me know what you think


I'm looking to do a similar solution to drive a Linn Knekt system. I nearly got it working on Smartthings before moving to Hubitat. I was using code from here, but haven't yet got the app running on Hubitat. He has a Monoprice amplifier plugin if that helps. I think it's a good starting point.



I've already started trying to port that over, and I think i have everything done, but the Rpi code won't connect correctly to the serial port and grab all the zones. I had it working once on smartthings so I don't know what's different.


I had the serial side working, but not the smartthings status replies working, control was fine. Would you be willing to share your Hubitat node proxy port? I may be able to help with the serial side, I'll get the code on github over the weekend and share a link.



I been working on this for a couple weeks now this is my first driver ever I will love some feed back