Monoprice Tilt Sensor not being detected correctly

So, I have 3 Monoprice Tilt Sensors on my garage doors and am trying to add them to Hubitat hubs. First, I tried adding one to my C7 hub - there is a powered Zwave device directly between them but for whatever reason, it just isn't responding. Also, even though "Generic Z-wave Contact Sensor" is selected, I don't see a status value which reflects "open" or "close" (and yes, I did click Configure).

For giggles, I added one to my older C3 hub. The exact same thing is happening - the hub quickly detects it but I don't see the status value. Any ideas? I do have the RBoy driver for ST and I have thought about converting that, but by all accounts in this community, the generic contact sensor should work.

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