Momentary Off

In device preferences we currently have "Enable Auto Off" - at least in Virtual Switches... It would be nice if we had the opposite - "Enable Auto On". I have use cases where I have a VS that is normally on, but when turned off the desired response is (run rules then) wait 2 seconds and turn right back on.

If you’re using a virtual switch to trigger a RM rule already, why not simply have the rule turn the VS back “on” after 2 seconds?

Writing a Virtual Switch Driver is really very straightforward. If you really need this, I am sure one of us in the community would be happy to write it for you.

Yeah, that is exactly what I currently do - just thought it could save a step in each rule if it were a preference in the VS. I actually only have one use-case, so really moot point for me.

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I think this does what you want.

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This is the kind of use I had in mind when I created this driver :slight_smile:


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