Moeshouse Gas Water Valve Controller work with hubita..?t

Is there any one know this Moeshouse ZigBee 3.0 Smart Gas Water Valve Controller work with hubitat hub.. they advertise this valve work with Wink and Smartthings.

If it’s really a zigbee 3.0 device and works with ST, then yes it’ll probably work with hubitat. It may or may not work with a currently existing device driver, though.

I have the Dome water shutoff which is similar but about 3 times the cost of this device. What concerns me is the rigidity of the mounting bracket on the valve you are looking at. Ball valves can be difficult to rotate, so the bracket may twist over time.

If I were you, get a Dome DMWV1 which has a stronger mounting bracket, and is natively supported by HE and most likely has better support after the sale.