Moe's zigbee smart socket


Does anyone know if this socket can be integrated with Hubitat and if it works as a repeater (specially for xiaomi devices) ?
It would be perfect as it even has a Brazilian version and I have a few Xiaomi devices, and planning to purchase more.

#Aliexpress R$ 86,40 35%OFF | ZigBee 3.0 Smart Socket Plug with 2 USB Interface Remote Voice Control Work with SmartThings Wink Echo Plus and Most Zigbee Hub


Hi, I am also Brazilian and I was looking the same that you.
I believe that it can works using the generic zigbee switch but I am not sure.
Did you buy it? Gave a try?
I need 3 units. I was also considering to buy the Xiaomi sockets but they are not zigbee 3.0.
What do you think?

Hello @dpea !!?

I'm glad I found the first Brazilian here working with Hubitat.
I haven't purchased the zigbee outlet but I bought a Zemismart wifi version instead, it's
still on the way.
But I guess it would work as a generic switch as you mentioned.
I have a few Xiaomi devices here, motion sensors, door sensor, buttons and they are working great so far, but I wouldn't go for those 3.0 zigbee outlets as Xiaomi zigbee are known by having issues to stay and keep paired. If you research here will find a few topics about it and how people workaround.
All my smart devices are zigbee so far, but I'm starting thinking of buying wifi ones as we virtually have only one way to buy stuff here in Brazil witch is AliExpress.
For Xiaomi devices drivers check this thread :

[Release] Xiaomi / Aqara ZigBee device drivers

If there is any integration with a Xiaomi devices you will most likely find there.

Well, let's keep in touch.
See you

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Nice. Hubitat is amazing and I have asked a friend to bring it one from US last year. Best hub ever.
Actually, I leave in Denmark and it is also difficult to find hubitat users around. Here, they like Philips hue (shit, I don't like) and ikea (good and cheap).

I also have mostly Xiaomi devices around, everything connect with Google home. I also have broadlink to control all IR, works perfectly.

My next step is to test yeelight lights (bulbs, led strips and one bedside to my daughter), I've already ordered them from Aliexpress. This hubitat X yeelight integration seems to be promise (they are wifi), I will give a try.

I am looking for a good zigbee socket (I am like you, prefer zigbee by far) to my parents house in Brazil but it is difficult to find. Let me know if your wifi test will work, I would buy as well.

Thank you and let's keep in touch.

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