Modify Lumary hardware - drive it with an LM052 or similar?

I'm relatively new to the smart lighting game but I'm perfectly happy physically modifying hardware. I have some existing Luvoni brand lights that seem to just have a WB2L inside to drive them. I wonder, can I just remove that board and drive the panel from a controller light this or this to make it fairy Hubitat friendly?

I see the panel connects through well labeled "C W R G B +" pins (6 total) so it seems relatively straightforward. Anybody tried this yet?

I'm thinking about it because the Luvoni hardware is a very unique package, 4x4 or 6x6 inch squares maybe 1/2" thick. Very cool stuff!


I’ve used the Zigbee controller to Control Strip lights and have been very happy with the results. I suspect it would work with your Luvoni, but if you need one controller per light, the cost might be high…

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