Modify Apps From the IOS App remotely

It would be nice to be able to modify apps from the ios app remotely using the cloud. I usually think of something I want to do or troubleshoot something that didn't work correctly when I am not home. I know I could create a VPN but it would be nice to have that ability in the app like Smarthings does.

Not sure if this would do what you want.

VPN into your network and you could just use the regular web browser.

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ST is cloud based, your not login into your hub at home, your login into the Samsung servers. There are some Pros and many Cons to that change in setup. Could it still be done, sure. Should it be, not in IMO.

Personally I do not need, or want access to the admin UI from outside my LAN. HE is local and I for one hope it always stays that way. If I need access remotely there are options (VPN, TeamViewer, etc.) If you have access remotely, so can others (I know it's been 'secured' but...yeah).

Having direct admin UI access from the cloud I hold in the same regard as a subway station. Sure the subway brings you to the city, but it also brings the city to you. I'll drive, thanks.


I thought about creating a VPN but am a little hesitant doing so. I get inspiration on building or tweaking stuff when I’m away from home and usually forget by the time I get home.