Modes: Away Mode...why a notification doesn't happen

I am trying to make use of the Away mode for control of certain lights around the house when away. I am trying to do it in a simple way...manually. I use the Mode Manager to effectively change the Day, Evening, and Night modes. I have no modes selected for the "Select Modes to ignore time changes" toggle. But whether I have no modes or Away mode selected, my problem is the same.

My problem. I use the dashboard to select Armed Away, but I get no notification that that has happened, even though the dashboard indicates my status as Armed Away. I do get notifications when the modes change to Day, Evening, or Night. What am I missing? Is there a distinction between Away mode and "Armed Away" status?

Sorry, I think I answered my own question. There is a distinction between Away mode and "Armed Away" status. When I manually change the Mode using the Mode button on the dashboard, I do get a notification. I guess I need to read more before I ask a question. I am still clueless how those two settings (Mode and HSM status) work together. More research.


Yes, hub/location mode and HSM status are two independent features. Both are sort of a global hub variable you can use in whatever way you want (though the latter also has lots of use inside the HSM app as you might expect). There are options you can use in HSM to do things like set HSM to Armed Away when Away mode goes active, and you can really create a custom automation to tie them together however you want...but unless you did, they aren't.

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