Mode to night

How dose this look for a rule to change to night mode?
Basically when the bedroom door close wait and make sure no one else it still up and moving for and hour then change mode.
Just not sure of the trigger, if the door opens and closes will it trigger another instance of the rule and I will have two waits running?

I could be wrong but from memory, the rule will just start again, cancelling the first instance. I think it's when you use a delay (as opposed to wait) that you end up with multiple instances. I once made the mistake of using a "delay off" in a lighting rule that didn't have a means of cancelling it and subsequently ended up with multiple off commands going to the light as each individual delay instance completed.

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What @johnwill1 said. If someone opens the door during evening mode between 22:00 and 02:00 nothing changes, but if the door is closed then the rule will be re-triggered, cancelling the current wait and the 1 hour duration will start again.

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That's what I wanted