Mode, Motion and RGB Bulb

I have a closet with a pull chain single bulb fixture that I am wanting to automate and figure out how to set up correctly. I have a Sengled element color plus-ZigBee (I have Enable color pre-staging and enable level pre-staging both turned on at the device level) and a motion sensor.

I want the light to only turn on and off with motion. This seems easy to do with a motion lighting rule. I also want to set the color temp and light level based on Mode. When I do this in the Motion lighting app I see it trigger the temp, then turn on the light then set the level.

This causes two issues. The first is that the bulb turns on before the level is set which if it is late at night would be blinding before adjusting to a lower level. Second, even though the color is set in the log before it is turned on the bulb responds faster than the color change. So the bulb turns on and then the color changes.

If I create a Mode lighting app the color and level do not change since there is no switch that turns the bulb on. What is my best path forward to have the color and level set by Mode (when the mode changes would be great) and then just have the motion trigger the on/off of the bulb?

You could use the “Lights on Motion Plus” app by @bertabcd1234. It dims the lights before shutting off, which means they will always be ramping up to the level when triggered again, instead of sometimes having to ramp down after blinding you.
Or you could make a rule with the custom action of “setlevel” to set to 5% (or whatever you want) with the trigger being the light turns off