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I have a few different modes set based on time. Day, evening start, evening late, night, morning.
Obviously there is also a party mode ! flickering lights random led colors.. w00t w00t !

Now here is the thing. I created a virtual switch to set the party mode. But when I want to switch out of the party mode I would like to return to the current mode. I could obviously create a switch for all different modes. But think it is more elegant to have an option to enable/disable the party mode and return to the mode HE should be in based on the time of day . Can this be done like away/not away ? or can this only be achieved via a RM script ?

any suggestions ? Thanks in advance !

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You could use a fairly simple rule triggered by a switch, button, or whatever, that checks the time and sets the mode accordingly. There is not a simple way to do this in Mode Manager as currently implemented, although it is a conceivable feature that might be added at some point.


I have not switched over to the new mode manager. However, in the legacy version, this WAS a simple thing to do. You just exempted the switch triggered modes from time control. When you turned the switches off, it just returned to the timed modes. Does the new version not act the same way?

Current Setup that works in legacy mode manager

That setup does work. Notice that it does the time setting for Yard Work off, but I don't think it does for Vacation off. New one is the same. In 2.3.4 we will expand that functionality a bit. You should be able to import this into the new version. Instead of removing the old one, just leave it as is until you're happy with the new one. It will be disable, but its easy to bring it back alive.

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That is intentional. I turn off vacation at the airport. I have different HVAC settings for vacation than away. So, on the trip back from the airport, it can warm or cool a little closer to the home, etc but maintain the security alerts of not being present. I used to have to disable presence when traveling out of country as the log out bug was marking me home when I was in Jamaica. (Phone issue when I go to wifi only with airplane mode on for extended amounts of time. Happens to me at work sometimes too)

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