Mode Manager, Simple Automation, and Mode and Mode Lighting Apps

Still new to Hubitat, but I have most everything migrated over with the exception of our locks and some hard to reach outdoor outlets and swtiches (may have to wait until spring).

Most everything is running routinely, but not very consistently. For example, I made a virtual switch called goodnight. I put in the mode manager that when that switch turns on it should trigger night mode. When that switch turns off it should trigger day mode.

Today I could watch the switch turn on and off, but the mode would not change. It will work great for several days then for some reason will not work for a day or two, then back to working ok again.

This is just a virtual switch and the mode. No z-wave or zigbee involved. No complex conditions, just on and off...

Likewise, I have a switch called night shutdown. When that switch is turned on, I have a rule in Simple automation that when the night shutdown switch comes on, it should shutdown x,y, and z lights. I don't have any restrictions or turn back on, or times involved, just turn off when switch comes on.

I can watch the night shutdown switch turn on and off, but very rarely if ever does that rule trigger. However, my rules that use "real" devices (not virtual) seem to run much more consistently.

I dropped that same rule into rule machine even though it is way overkill and so far it worked, although it is way too soon to tell if it will work consistently.

So to remove as many variables as possible, the goodnight in mode manager only uses a virtual switch and changes the mode. Two variables, virtual switch and mode. Why wouldn't that work consistently?

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