Mode Manager Not Changing on Sunrise - Past Events Changed in Events

Saw a few other posts on the issue, all seemed to be related to other issues.

I changed Mode Manager from starting Morning Mode at a specific time to turning it on at sunrise.

Seemed like a simple change, but today my Mode Manager did not change to Morning Mode. Didn't change at sunrise or at the old time.

Checked the Events Log and saw that the system registered the sunrise event at the correct time.

But Mode Manager still says its in Sleeping.

Mode Manager isn't reflecting the change from specific time to sunrise.

It does make the switch to Day mode correctly, though.

Also the Mode Manager Events Log, it seems to have changed the logs retroactively to show Morning Mode at the sunrise time rather than the original time it was set previously (730a). I only made the edits to the modes two days ago.

Hubitat Elevation Platform Version
Hardware Version Rev C-5

Is this a bug? Or do I just need to delete the app and start over?

Did you just make the change yesterday? I believe the internal logic needs 24 hours to completely cycle through the cron timers that trigger these events. Essentially, the sunrise/sunset timers are only calculated once per day.

Leave it as is and wait a full day to see if it works properly tomorrow morning. I use Sunrise and Sunset in my Mode Manager and I've always had to let it go through a full cycle before it triggers properly after making changes

Did you hit Done in Mode Manager after you made this change? That is a necessary step.

Please show the App Status page for Mode Manager (gear icon).

I thought I made it on Tuesday, but they all blur together these days, don't they?
I'll leave it and see what it says tomorrow.

I was pretty certain that I did, since I'd read that could cause issues previously. I even went back and reset it again, ensuring I hit "Done" again. Change still not reflected.

I'm unclear why its showing redundant modes that aren't shown in the app settings. In the gear icon, I see "KidSleep" mode and "KidsSleep" mode, both for 730p.

I need to see the entire App Status page, including Event Subscriptions, Application State and Scheduled Jobs.

sorry. my bad.

That all looks good.

At the top of that page take a look at the Events (no need to post) -- see below. See if it looks right to you. I would expect this to work. But, if you want to be certain, remove Mode Manager completely and set it up from scratch, with your new settings. That would take less time than fussing with it here...

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The events look right.
With 4 modes, its pretty easy to reset and start over. I'll just go ahead and do that and save everyone the headache.

When I do that, are my motion by mode apps going to get blown up as well? Or will they stay in place with errors until I fix the modes? Just want to know what to expect.

Thanks for the quick help.

Nothing will be blown up. Mode Manager only sets the mode, it doesn't mess with anything that uses modes.

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