Mode manager help

So I thought this was working but something went wrong today
I have a mode "Night someone away" which sets the house up for night but doesn't set the house alarm, but today the wife came home at 6am mode manager changed the mode to "Evening". What's wrong?

I dont want it to change mode by presence when in Night mode

Put "night Someone Away" under 'Modes to ignore presence changes'.

I thought about that but as I was home all night, it shouldn't have changed any way??

As it is currently set, the mode is going to change when either presence sensor arrives unless you are in 'System Off' mode.

I hadn't changed anything and this morning when the wife came home it worked as expected, staying in "Night away " mode.

Only thing I did was open mode manager and save??
Must be a bug post update that stuff need resaving

I don't understand how, but certainly glad it's working for you. Don't touch anything! :grin:

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