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Hi all
I have the following set in mode manager which has been working great until i added the virtual switch into equation.

The virtual switch changes the mode to asleep but wont change to another mode when turned off.

Also, this morning, whilst the switch was on, mode changed to day. Shouldnt it stay in asleep mode, whilst on?

Is there something im missing in my settings?


The virtual switch will change the mode to Asleep when it's changed from off to on. That's it. That's all it does. It's not a toggle.

If you want to change to another mode when V-Switch turns off, then you need to set that up in Mode manager.

Here's a look at how I have virtual switches set in Mode Manager:

I have both on and off set for Switch - Day (on = Home, off = Asleep), and Switch - Home ( on = Home, off = Away).

So modes based on time of day still take precedence over virtual switch modes?
Last night, virtual switch was on (sleep time), then this morning, it was in day mode - even tho v/switch on 'ON'

I think if you include your Asleep mode in 'Modes to ignore time changes', it will persist until you change it, or the mode switches to Away.

Thanks - I will give that a try now
Forgot about that setting...

Once the virtual switch turns off, how can i get it to resume to the mode based on the time of day? (without using another v/switch)

I think you are misunderstanding how Mode Manager works. The various ways that Mode can be set... time of day, presence, switch, etc. ... are triggers. Any time any of the triggers happens then the mode will be set accordingly. But Mode Manager doesn't constantly check to see if a trigger is still true. It fires when a trigger changes, and then waits for another change to fire again. And you can think of the various settings as having ors between them:

  • Set mode based on time of day OR
  • Set mode based on presence OR
  • Set mode with switches

V-Switch turns on, so mode = Asleep.
Time is Sunrise -30 minutes so mode = Day.

If you want time of day to not trigger a mode change when mode is Asleep, then, yes, you need to add Asleep as a mode to ignore time changes.

What mode do you want it to go into when the V-Switch turns off? Let's say, for example, that you want it to change to "Day" mode. Add:
Day: V-Switch sleep OFF
to the Set Mode with switches section. Then, since the mode is neither Asleep nor Away, the mode based on time of day should trigger.
You'll need to set up something that turns V-Switch off.


Thanks @jabecker

This i now understand - Cheers.

Basically, Yes - Once V-Switch turns off , i want it to go back into the mode based on time of day.

This switch is controlled via the phone being charged
Plug phone in - V-Switch turns on
Unplug phone - V-Switch turns off

Then you need to do as I suggested above:

If you add "Asleep" as a mode to ignore time of day triggers, then you need to have it trigger a specific mode other than Asleep or Away in order to have the time of day triggers active again.

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Thanks - I will set these up and give it a go

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Curious tho - What will happen, if say its in Night mode (after 9pm) and the v/switch is turned off ?
Will it go back to 'Day' mode? Even tho its Night? - I can wait till tonight and try

Yes, it will go back to day if that's what you have it set to do when the switch is turned off. Remember, these are all triggers. Night is only triggered at 9:00 PM, not 9:01 PM, 11:29 PM, 3:05 AM, nor any other time.

If you need logic to determine what mode you want set if the switch is turned off, then you probably need to set that up in Rule Manager. Mode Manager is only triggers. Rule Manager allows logic.

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Will look into rule manager

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