Mode Manager Feature Request?

I only have 3 modes (Home Night and Away) and set Home and Night based on time per day of the week. The issue I have is that the time varies from day to day but Mode Manager works with Certain Time, Sunrise or Sunset. Is it possible to expand the choices to also include Variable Time? I've created the global variables called WakeUp and Bedtime that I would like to use for this purpose. I know I can create my own "Mode Manager" with RM but it seems like the existing Mode Manager is so close to my needs that it is worth asking for this feature.

I'll look at it.

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Thank you

This turns out to be rather simple to do. The feature will be in the next release.

The way it works is that you have to create a Connector for a Time Variable. It can be either local or global variable. The Connector has the same name as the Time variable. This is a virtual device, and it is selected in Mode Manager when the time is Variable Time.


That's perfect. I already have the variables set up with connectors and was trying to "work around it" with RM. This will make it work as I intended. Thank you!

I think all users (especially new or prospective) should read this thread. Think about what happened here.

I can think of no other company that would even consider operating in this manner...not enough red tape!

Not only will the feature be incorporated but it only took 3 messages to accomplish and about 2 hours elapsed time. And of course the delay to next update.

From past threads I'm sure if the feature was more involved or not in the cards for some reason the response would be equally fast.

Reading through many threads I think too many of us have become so used to this excellent service we start considering it normal. It is not and we should appreciate it.


Ha! Thanks.

When I first saw the post I thought, no way -- what a mess this would be. Then I poked around with the code for 20 minutes, and sure enough, what a mess. Then, a light bulb went off, started over, came at it from a completely different approach, and presto. All in it's half a dozen lines of code.

This could be done in other apps too, probably just as easily. Next one to look at is Thermostat Scheduler.

UPDATE: 10 minutes later, Thermostat Scheduler is done -- almost identical code changes.


I would suggest Simple Automations as another place. It is the same basic Use Case for me as Mode Manager.

Yeah, ok. That's done too.


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