Mode Manager didn't change mode to Day

I have seen this reported a few times now and just had it occur again so figured I would provide details that hopefully can help track down the problems.

The rules are pretty simple; no switches or presence involved. Same settings for all days. Mode never changes to away.

The rules:

Day: Earlier of two times, Sunrise -31 minutes or 7:00 AM
Evening: Earlier of two times, Sunset -60 minutes or 5:30 PM
Night: Later of two times, Sunset +180 minutes or 10:00 PM
Modes to ignore time changes: Away

Today, sunrise at my location (as reported by the hub) was 7:31AM
[Perhaps related, I noticed that for today, this means that the Day rule happens to be the same time for "earlier of two times": sunrise -31 == 7:00.]
Mode should have changed from one of these conditions at 7:00 AM, but remained in Night instead. From the settings page, It appears the scheduled "timeHandlerNew " tasks ran and were rescheduled.

I have logging enabled but there was no logs from Mode Manager today.
Included below are relevant screenshots.

Mode Manager App

Mode Manager App Settings

Past Logs for App

Location Events

@bobbyD @bravenel

There are issues evidently with the mix of Earlier/Later of two times and Sunrise/Sunset with offsets. These issues have been addressed for the next release.