Mode Manager Bug - not restricting mode change


There is a bug in Mode Manager when setting modes based on presence in that the application is not restricting execution in the "Select modes NOT to change from with presence.". Screen shot attached. When can we expect this bug to be fixed?


Any updates on this? Thanks


First I've heard of it. Will investigate...


Could you please describe just what is happening?


When I choose Guest mode in the "Select modes NOT to change from presence" option, it does not honor the restriction. For example, I put my hub in Guest mode for the Nanny, then left the house, it then switched the mode to Away, when it should have remained in Guest mode. Does that help?


Yes, that's what I needed to know. I'll look into it.


Could you show me a screenshot of your App Status page for Mode Manager (gear icon left of name on Apps page, or top of page in the app itself).


Name Type Value

atTime11Day time 06:00 AM
atTime11Evening time 6:00 PM
atTime11Night time 9:00 PM
daily bool false
ignoreModes enum ["Away","Guest"]
ignoreModesP enum ["Guest"]
leaveArriveAway enum leave
logging bool true
pAnyAllAway enum all
presAway capability.presenceSensor James, Kristin, Sherri
presDay capability.presenceSensor
presEvening capability.presenceSensor
presGuest capability.presenceSensor
presNight capability.presenceSensor
returnAnyAll enum any
returnOffSwitch capability.switch Guest Mode
returnOnSwitch capability.switch I'm Back Routine
returnSensors capability.presenceSensor James, Kristin, Sherri
switchOffAway capability.switch
switchOffDay capability.switch
switchOffEvening capability.switch
switchOffGuest capability.switch
switchOffNight capability.switch
switchOnAway capability.switch Goodbye Routine
switchOnDay capability.switch
switchOnEvening capability.switch
switchOnGuest capability.switch Guest Mode
switchOnNight capability.switch
time11Day enum A specific time
time11Evening enum A specific time
time11Night enum A specific time
timeOnlyAway bool
type1Day enum Certain time
type1Evening enum Certain time
type1Guest enum Certain time
type1Night enum Certain time
useTimes bool true
useTimesS bool true
Event Subscriptions

Source Event Handler Filter

Goodbye Routine switch.on switchHandler true
Guest Mode switch.on switchHandler true
Guest Mode returnHandlerB true
Home (Location) mode modeHandler false
I'm Back Routine switch.on returnHandlerB true
James presence presenceHandler true
James presence.present returnHandler true
Kristin presence presenceHandler true
Kristin presence.present returnHandler true
Sherri presence presenceHandler true
Sherri presence.present returnHandler true
Application State

Name Value

earlier {}
shadowMode Night
str Day: at 6:00 AM Evening: at 6:00 PM Night: at 9:00 PM Modes NOT to change from: Away, Guest
strP Use time settings for return from Away for Any of James, Kristin, Sherri arrives Away: All of James, Kristin, Sherri leave Modes NOT to change from: Guest
strS Use time settings for return from Away for I'm Back Routine ON Use time settings for return from Away for Guest Mode OFF Away: Goodbye Routine ON Guest: Guest Mode ON
updated true
updateIgnore true
Scheduled Jobs

Handler Next Run Time Prev Run Time Status Schedule

timeHandlerNew 2019-02-15 9:00:00 PM EST 2019-02-14 9:00:00 PM EST PENDING 0 0 21 * * ?
timeHandlerNew 2019-02-15 6:00:00 PM EST 2019-02-14 6:00:00 PM EST PENDING 0 0 18 * * ?
timeHandlerNew 2019-02-15 6:00:00 AM EST 2019-02-14 6:00:00 AM EST PENDING 0 0 6 * * ?


please hold off on this as I'm trying to reproduce the error.


I was able to reproduce using the simulated presence sensor. The app is not honoring the restriction. When I hit the arrived command on the simulated presence sensor, the app changes the mode from Guest to Home. It should keep the mode set to Guest via the bottom setting in the app. Bug fix?


OK, I have found one problem, the one you describe in this last post. If you selected a presence sensor(s) for Return from Away, it did not honor the Select Modes to NOT change from. I have fixed that problem.

But, your original post was different than this. There you described it wrongly changing mode when you left. That one I cannot reproduce.


Yes, the initial issue reported was inaccurate, but the last post is legit as you confirmed. So, you fixed it.. . Next code release? Really appreciate all the help and lighting fast TAT.


Yes, this fix will be in the next release.


Do we know when the next release will take place?