Mode doesn’t change from Away

I'm trying to figure out what I am doing wrong here. All I know I did was change my presence "sensors" from the life360 I was using (which was working), to the hubitat app ones.

My mode still changes to away when everyone (both of us) leaves, but does NOT change out of away mode when one or both return.

Nothing below this is set.

These two presence sensors are currently showing present, so my understanding is the mode should have changed back to the normal modes.

Do you have anything listed at the bottom under "Select modes to ignore presence changes"?

Do you also have time of day set for Day/Night mode? It might not be able to figure out what mode to return you to if you don't.

No, as I stated, "Nothing below this is set." That section has no modes selected.

Is this what you are referring to? Why would it work with the life360 presence and not the hubitat app one? I think I'll try setting it back to life360 for tomorrow to see if it works again.

And you've confirmed that both presence devices do in fact change to Not present when you expect them to and to Present when you expect them to?

I'll check again tomorrow after we have both left the house.

Ahhh, messing with it today I found that the app will ONLY update presence if you actually open it on the phone. It will not do anything otherwise. This is pretty useless specially for my wife who rarely, if at all, uses the app.

Guess I'll stick with life360, dang.

Are you on Android phones? On iOS we rarely need to open the app (every once in a while it won't update until we do, this usually forces us to logon to the app again too) otherwise we force close most apps including both Life 360 and Hubitat (we use both with the Combine Presence app for those rare occurances when one fails to update and each has failed on rare occasions)

I am having same issue with IOS. sometimes it works but it never seems to work for both people at once. one of us is always away when both are arrived.