Mode Change

On my HE I have 3 modes that I use. With the help of @bertabcd1234 I believe I have the rules working correctly.

I created a rule called Halloween and its suppose to put HE in Halloween mode.

It said the RE is currently true and the action

But according to the dashboard and in settings mode it said the HE is in normal mode..

What am I missing???

First, there arenโ€™t any triggers to set the Halloween mode. The required expression is a restriction to the triggers. It basically tells the hub to only react to the triggers for setting this mode when Require Expressions are all true.

Secondly, you will need to look at the other modes (Evening?) to see what triggers them. You may have to set required Expressions on them so they donโ€™t step on this one. If this in for Halloween lighting, you may only need to add a required expression to the Evening mode that is the counterpoint to the Halloween Required Expression (e.g., between Nov 1 and Oct 21).

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I will check the triggers shortly.

I do not use the other modes. Normal, holiday, and Halloween only.

Well crap I thought the action changed the mode. So I have to update all 3 rules.

I assumed that trigger meant what triggered the action not that that was actually going to perform an action or

I tend to think of rules this way:

When the trigger happens, perform the action, but only if the required expression is true.

As usual with Hubitat, there are many ways to achieve what you are trying to do.

One way would involve 2 rules using 'periodic schedule' as the trigger, one to set Halloween mode and one to revert back to Normal mode.

Modes are really just virtual switches but only one can be 'on' at any one time.

Personally I use modes to change lighting levels throughout the day and use virtual switches to achieve subsets of the day.

For example I have Day, Evening, Night, Sleep and Away modes with light levels set for each mode. I then have 3 virtual switches, Workday, Worknight and Day Off which are set according to the state of the day.

I then use those switches as required expressions and conditions in other rules. Example: when I wake up I have the radio start, but only if Workday is turned on.


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