Mode change not completing tasks

Hey guys and gals,

I have a stubborn action, not sure if it is device related or mode related - I think device. Please help me decide.
I have a fairly simple action: "When Mode changes to night (set for fixed time of 2205), dim [certain] exterior lights to 3% (so far, so good), then wait elapsed time of 12 minutes, then turn off party lights dimmer".

The party lights do not go off. The dimmer is this:

The same dimmer responds correctly to the evening mode change to come on to 50%, just won't shut off at the night change. Also responds fine to Alexa commands dashboard commands and any other commands.

Here's the log from the party lights Dimmer:

And here's the log form the "Exterior nightlights" app:

Any thoughts? There seems to be a lot of traffic from the party lights dimmer, not sure what it all is supposed to mean.

BTW, the nightlight app is from basic rules, and I am running the latest release of mode manager
Driver for the Minoston dimmer is "Generic Z-Wave plus Dimmer"

Thanks in advance!

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